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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions that aren’t too existential? Maybe our FAQs section can help.
  • In what ways can cannabis be consumed?

      It can be smoked using papers, bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and vaporizers. Inhalation is a considerably more rapid and efficient delivery method than ingestion as the cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds pass readily across the lining of the lungs directly into the bloodstream. However, cannabis when combusted creates potentially harmful chemicals known as reactive oxygen species that may irritate the mouth, throat, and lungs over time.

      It can be vaporized using portable, handheld vape pens. Vaporization is based on the principle of evaporation; the temperature at which cannabinoids and terpenes evaporate is lower than the temperature at which plant material burns. It is safer and more efficient than smoking as the vapor consists of up to 95% cannabinoids and terpenes (the good stuff).

      It can be ingested using edibles and tinctures. May be the safest and healthiest method of consumption as it is smoke-free. When eaten, the onset of effects are felt much later but last much longer than the aforementioned methods, and may create a different quality of high. This is because the cannabinoids pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. A tincture is a concentrated extract of cannabis in liquid alcohol or glycerin that is taken by mouth as a drop or beneath the tongue.

      It can be applied topically using lotions, sprays, and creams, even bathing products. This method is an additional smoke-free, healthy way of using cannabis as the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin. Similar to edibles, the effects are prolonged.

  • Do you allow for returns or exchanges?

      We don’t allow returns. Once delivered and in the hands of the individual, the product(s) are no longer new and we won’t be able to resell them. This ensures that anything you purchase from us is brand new.

      Under the rare circumstance that the product(s) are broken upon arrival, snap a photo of them inside the original package, include receipt and other relevant info and submit to within 24 hours.

  • How do you ensure privacy?

      Only essential information such as name, address, phone number, email, credit card and payment details are collected to successfully complete orders on This information is not sold, shared, or released to any third parties for any reason nor is payment info stored. Every transaction is safe, encrypted, and secure because our website is hosted by Shopfiy, which is certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service provider, being the highest level of compliance available. All products are packaged discreetly with love and care by professionals to ensure that they arrive.

  • Do you hold informational nights?

      Yes, once the storefront is in operation Cannabis Jar will hold educational events where topics will be discussed such as the benefits of the plant, different consumption methods, exploring the ACMPR and the changing landscape of the industry along with other things of relevance as they may arise. Community and the people in it is what makes this industry and cannabis culture so great which is why we’ll also be hosting events enjoyable for all like cannabis themed paint nights, pipe design and painting, and cooking how to’s. As demand grows for these programs, new ideas will be circulated and the frequency of such events may be increased.

  • How far do you deliver?

      We offer free delivery on all purchases $50 or greater to all areas of Winnipeg within the perimeter. As customer care is a top priority, the Cannabis Jar assures that your package will be delivered directly to your door within 3 hours from point of purchase.

  • Where do you source your products?

      Our pieces are sustainably sourced from across North America and come from the artists’ that create them. Many of the products the Cannabis Jar offers are custom and hand made making them that much more unique. The packaging that surrounds the products is even created locally by the owners here in Winnipeg. The team at Cannabis Jar works tirelessly to locate and share products that our customers will love and adore, and take pride in being the only stockists in all of Canada for a variety of the items that are offered.

  • Is it illegal for me to buy from you?

      Nope. So long as you’re 18 years or older, anyone is welcome at the Cannabis Jar. Currently, the only legal methods to obtain medical marijuana is through the ACMPR program by growing your own, having a designated grower do it for you, or by purchasing from a Licensed Producer. The Cannabis Jar doesn’t sell cannabis yet, only smoking wares. However, as recreational cannabis will be legalized by July 1, 2018, the Cannabis Jar is working towards securing a license from the Manitoba government enabling its establishment to dispense cannabis.

      *Refer to our terms & conditions

  • If I don’t live in Winnipeg, can I still purchase from your site?

      Of course. We ship coast to coast within Canada. Unfortunately free delivery is available only within Winnipeg; however all outside orders will be shipped promptly via Canada Post.

  • What if I’m not available for pick-up at a certain time during the day of the order?

      No problem! Just leave an approximate 3-hour preferred time frame in the ‘special instructions’ section during checkout as to when you will be home to accept the delivery.

  • What happens If I order on a Sunday when Cannabis Jar online is closed for delivery?

      Sunday orders will be processed and filled for Monday morning’s deliveries in the order they were purchased in. If you will not be home within the delivery hours please notify us in the ‘special instructions’ section at checkout.

Still have some questions?

Get in touch with Cannabis Jar today and we’ll gladly guide you through our products and services, plus answer any questions about cannabis culture in Winnipeg and what part we play in it.