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Our Story

Built on changing perceptions, embracing people, and breaking through with a modern mentality.

Our Story Starts on a Farm.

Our company is built on our background. We were raised on a farm around the benefits of hard work, healthy living, and the beauty of nature. It’s through that life lense that we got into cannabis culture, and became confident enough to pursue a business in the industry. We see cannabis as a crop like any other. It can sustain, employ, and improve a community. We’re proud to work with a product so deeply linked to nature because we are too.

So, Why Winnipeg?

It’s home for one, but there’s more. Winnipeg is in the midst of a big cultural shift and we see it as the place to get our products, services, and messages across with real success and acceptance. Winnipeg is ready for the cannabis conversion and we’d like to pioneer it.

As common as a cookie jar.

The cannabis business is an exciting one because it allows you to help people in a natural way, which is why it’s so important to us. We’re ready to push the envelope and make strides for cannabis countrywide.

We love the word help.

Why? Well, it’s more than a word. It’s a vast and powerful idea; it means something different to everyone. Help doesn’t need to be attached to pain, although it absolutely can be. You see, when we talk about help, we’re talking about the unique ways in which the whole of humanity needs it.

Some need help laughing more, some need to hurt less, some need help with inspiration, some need help to see beyond the surface, or to break a stigma; whatever the individual case may entail, we know that cannabis can answer the call.

Cannabis is not an underground culture, it’s just been hidden.

We want to bring it to the forefront with class, quality, and dedication. We want to help people find the feeling they’re looking for through innovation, a welcoming and simple approach, plus an elegance beyond what the current state of the industry offers. We’re in this business of making cannabis a part of the mainstream without losing that je ne sais quoi that’s made it so influential through the ages.